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We exist to provide people in all walks of life quality dental care that impacts their quality of life.

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Dental First has been helping people of all ages regain confidence, boost self-esteem, restore social life and attain healthy lifestyle, which ultimately impacted their quality of life.

We inform our patients of what is necessary to obtain optimal oral health. We empathetically listen to their problems and concerns, to which we give focal consideration in crafting solutions that suited their own circumstances.

We embrace in selective, quality training and post-graduate education and adapt the utilization of cutting-edge technology in our practice. All for the capability enhancement of our team members and to assure continuous improvement of our patient care delivery.

our commitment to practice

It is our professional duty to provide patients an accurate diagnosis, relevant education, and an effective prevention method of dental diseases for an optimum, quality, and proactive dental care delivery.

Knowledge and experience are the cornerstone in fulfilling this duty. But the extra effort we exert sets us in motion to continuously acquire improved capabilities and enhanced competitive advantage.

our team

We maintain a roster of experts across multiple disciplines, both in-house and consultants with extensive education and training locally and abroad. Their aggregate experience spans more than two decades of actual practice.

The team’s areas of specialization, includes but not limited to Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Full Mouth Rehabilitation.
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